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Winter Weather Safety Tips for Connecticut - Safety Tips for GHEC Clients & Caregivers

Winter can bring a lot of beautiful sights – dreamy snowfall, holiday lights, winter activities, and seasonal wreaths & holiday plants. It is also a great time to cozy up and spend quality time with family members or friends! As we get into the winter season, we’re highlighting some tips for dealing with winter, as there are some extra hazards to look out for. New England winters can be long and can even induce wintertime depression. Be sure to check in on your loved ones often throughout this winter season – especially if you have a loved one who lives alone or doesn’t have neighbors close by. One of the largest dangers to look out for in the winter is trip/slip/fall hazards. The risk of falling for all age groups is massively increased when ice and snow are factored in.

Here are some tips for having a safe, enjoyable winter:

- Try to eat a varied diet in the winter with lots of Vitamin D to make up for indoor time.

- Ensure that steps and walkways are clear before using them. Black ice can be difficult to see, try to look out for any wet surfaces that could be iced over.

- Clear away snow and use rock salt to melt any potentially icy steps and paths at home. Or hire someone to take care of it for you if you’re unable!

- Wear shoes with good traction – boots with non-skid soles or use ice cleats to add traction to any shoe.

- If you use a cane, replace the rubber tip before it becomes smooth and worn to ensure functionality.

- Consider getting an ice pick attachment that will fit onto the end of a cane for additional traction.

- Check your tire’s traction and assess if you need new tires before driving in winter weather conditions.

- Check your car’s antifreeze and windshield wipers/change them if necessary.

- Make an emergency winter-weather kit for your car! Prepare for any possible scenario. Some items to include:

o Blankets

o First Aid Kit

o Extra Warm Clothes

o Ice scraper

o Rock Salt

o Flashlight

o Map

o Shovel

o Booster Cables

- Avoid driving on icy roads if possible and be extra careful driving on overpasses or bridges. Try to stick to main roads as they are usually cleared better than smaller roads.

- Layer up if you’re going outside. Did you know that 2-3 thinner layers of clothing is warmer than a single layer of thick clothing? Dress for the weather and protect your lungs from cold air.

- Be prepared for winter storms & power outages by keeping devices charged and by having flashlights on hand.

But most of all, enjoy what you can of the winter! Although many are not a fan of ice and snow, winter can also be a beautiful and special time of the year.

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