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The Shoreline's trusted choice for non-medical homecare since 1996

For when your needs are unique. 


We offer a variety of additional business services.

Additional assistance can be provided for Hospice cases, Respite, online Peapod Grocery Shopping, Senior Resource Referrals. We understand that everyone's situation is different. Give us a call today if you're wondering how we can help you out.

In-Home Hospice Help Assistants

When your loved one is at home under hospice care, our most experienced home care assistants provide comfort and attention to your loved one so you can rest and take care of yourself.

*Disclaimer: Golden Horizons does not provide hospice care, and can only help alongside of hospice services.

Resource Referrals

We have a database of on-hand resources for seniors - elder law and estate planning, senior centers and other resources. If you have a question, we will likely have an answer!

Call 800-421-0122 for more information. 



Respite offers family caregivers temporary relief from the physical and emotional burdens of caregiving, reducing stress and preserving family stability. Respite assistance is an important part of an overall homecare strategy and can be offered in the home or a variety of other settings.


Golden Horizons has no long-term contracts so you can cancel at any time! We ask that you give us at least 24-hour notice prior to cancelling services. We are happy to provide respite to you until then.

Additional Services

​To make your loved one’s life easier, we help with online Peapod grocery shopping and Instacart as well as provide information and referrals to other useful care resources.

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We're here to help.

Figuring out how to get the best care and quality of life for your aging loved one can be overwhelming. Golden Horizons' can help reduce the stress of finding the best caretaker possible.

Individualized Assistance


Our eldercare services are customized for your loved one’s unique situation, and available whenever needed and wherever your loved one lives. We come to you. To help forge a lasting relationship they’ll treasure and rely on, we also do our best to match your loved one’s nature and interests with their caregiver’s personality and skills. 

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