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The Shoreline's trusted choice for non-medical homecare since 1996

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  • How do I make payments? How often?
    Paying for Golden Horizon’s services is easy. Because all our caregivers are employees, you make one payment each week (or monthly depending on frequency of services) by check or major credit card. Golden Horizons home caregivers are paid weekly from our agency with their taxes taken out. That is not a worry for you. (Note) Some care agencies require you to make two weekly payments—one to the agency and one to the caregiver)( Independent contractors) that is called a registry. Most registry models are not responsible for caregiver taxes and insurances leaving that as a liability for the client to pay those taxes yearly. Beware! Clients may end up paying those employment taxes. ​Golden Horizons is not a registry and pays all taxes and insurances on all their employees.
  • Are the owners involved in my loved one’s care?
    Yes. Lisa Gradzewicz, Owner, and her daughter Megan, Vice President, are involved 24/7 on your non-medical home care needs. They work closely alongside the office staff to create an individualized care plan for your loved one, facilitate quality caregiver-client matches, and are ready to step in and assist with anything your loved one may need.
  • Do you offer short-term in-home care?
    Yes. When your loved one is in a short-term situation—such as recovering from a cataract operation—we offer short-term hourly or live-in care to help them get back on their feet, and provide you with the respite you need to attend to your personal needs. We also provide respite for you, whether your loved lives in their own home or with you, to help you take a vacation or attend a special event, and to help preserve your strength, patience and overall well-being.
  • Do you provide 24-hour home health care?
    Yes. Twenty-four-hour care can be arranged either on an hourly (e.g., three 8-hour shifts) (12 hour shifts) or a live-in basis. With senior live-in care, typically your loved one would be assigned a primary caregiver (e.g., on 5 days a week) and a secondary caregiver (e.g., to cover weekends), and they must provide appropriate sleeping accommodations. The state of Connecticut.
  • How do I begin services?
    It’s easy. Simply call 860-388-1788 and tell us about your loved one’s situation. Then we meet at your loved one’s home, your home or our office—whichever would be most convenient and comfortable for you—for a free, no obligation, in-depth review of their needs, including their medications and medical equipment. Next, we sign an agreement which details our agreed upon care services and we ask for a deposit. We then introduce you and your loved one to the caregiver with the best-suited experience, compatibility and availability. Once you’re both satisfied, we all review the care plan, acquaint the caregiver with the home, and begin providing the care you desire.
  • Does Golden Horizons provide any nursing services?
    No, Golden Horizons is a non-medical agency and therefore cannot perform any nursing services. Our staff is comprised of caregivers with varying professional backgrounds, which means some of our caregivers may have experience in the medical field, but do not provide any medical services while working with Golden Horizons. Therefore, Golden Horizons cannot administer medications, fill med boxes, administer insulin, provide wound care, etc.. For specific questions on whether or not we are able to perform certain services, please feel free to give our office a call and we'd be happy to help out.
  • Do you handpick your caregivers?
    Yes. All our caregivers—our employees—undergo a rigorous evaluation before joining our team. Each caregiver receives a national criminal background check, driving record check with the Department of Motor Vehicles, zero-tolerance drug test, personal and business reference checks, and an extensive interview process. Caregivers also have in-service training prior to being assigned to a client as well as yearly training and random drug testing. Most of Golden Horizons Caregivers have been working with us for many years. References on our caregivers and home care agency can be provided upon request.
  • ​Is there a minimum hourly requirement on a daily or weekly basis?
    Yes. We book 4-hour minimum shifts, although 2- or 3-hour shifts may be accommodated if we have a caregiver in your loved one’s area. If they need only one shift per week or month, we can schedule that for you too.
  • Are you able to provide care on Holidays?
    Yes. Time and a half will be charged for services rendered on the following holidays: New Year's Eve*, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve*, Christmas Day. *Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve hours are 6pm-midnight.
  • Does Medicare or Medicaid cover any of your services?
    No. Golden Horizons is a private pay agency. However, we collaborate with local and state senior care agencies who help your loved one fund the home health care they need. Some Long Term insurances are accepted.
  • Are you bonded and insured?
    Yes. Our bonding insurance protects your loved one should any household item be broken. Should a caregiver have an accident while on duty, General Liability and Workers' Compensation insurance protects your loved one from any liability.
  • Do I have to sign an agreement?
    Yes. In the State of Connecticut, you are required to sign an agreement in order to engage our elder care services, because we are registered with the State as a private home care agency. The agreement is not binding and you may terminate it at any time with a minimum of 24-hours’ notice.
  • Do you coordinate independent living care with other health providers in Connecticut?
    Yes. We coordinate your loved one’s care plan and schedule with rehabilitation centers, discharge planners, social workers, elder care attorneys, transitional care units, visiting nurses, hospice home caregiver assistant's, independent living/assisted living centers, senior retirement community staff, medical professionals and others. We are your local Non-Medical in-home health care services provider.
  • How soon can home care services begin?
    In most cases we can provide care services within 48 hours, and sometimes even sooner. However, we request as much notice as possible in order to provide your loved one with the most compatible caregiver for their needs. With current staffing shortages, we recommend that you provide as much notice as possible prior to starting care so that we can ensure we have a compatible caregiver to provide care.
  • Do you offer care in assisted living facilities?
    Yes. Golden Horizons’ companions help ensure your loved one maintains the independent lifestyle they desire in their current assisted living apartment, rather than move to a more care-oriented facility. Geriatric home care services are available on an hourly or live-in basis. We work with the management and have our caregiver read and sign off on the assisted living centers policy so they have the information on what is allowed at the facility and what's not allowed.
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