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Celebrate Sizani M.'s Achievement as the Golden Horizons Caregiver of the Year 2023

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

We are proud to announce that Sizani M. is our recipient of Golden Horizons’ Caregiver of the Year 2023 award!

Sizani smiling as Lisa gives her the physical award

Sizani has been a caregiver for many years, when she was younger she helped care for her grandmother and then her mother, this is what inspired her to continue her work with the elderly. Her passion for caring for others has allowed her to improve the lives of her clients in whatever way she can. Sizani takes great care in paying close attention to her client’s routines. When her client began to struggle with finishing meals, she encouraged and patiently assisted her client to eat as much as possible. Sizani's willingness to help her client is unwavering, she assists with all activities of daily living, whatever the case may be, Sizani is always eager to get to the bottom of any issues and guarantee that her client is safe, healthy, and fulfilled in all aspects. Furthermore, she is always prepared to spend extra time connecting with the office and client's families to ensure that everyone is well informed of any changes. She is extremely detail-oriented, when training other caregivers as well as giving weekly reports to the office.

Sizani is persistently committed to serving her client. She goes above and beyond showing compassion with every step. Her client’s family say they "can't thank her enough'' and that she is "wonderful, kind, and generous." They like her optimistic attitude and how focused she is, when caring for their mother. She is always eager to go out of her way to support her client in any way she can.

Every day, Sizani brings her compassion and willingness to assist others to work. She goes out of her way to assure her client's contentment and assists them in resolving challenges that improve their daily life. Sizani is a kind, cheerful, and a helpful caregiver, we consider ourselves fortunate to have her on our team. She is notable for her ability to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, as well as her upbeat demeanor and hard work.

Thank you Sizani, for all that you do! Your kindness has touched many lives. Keep up the great work!

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