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Congratulations to Lisa S. 2021 GHEC Caregiver of the Year!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

​Lisa S. is our 2021 Golden Horizons Caregiver of the Year because she is an exceptional caregiver and employee. For the entire time that we have had the pleasure of having Lisa on staff, every client we’ve ever put her on has loved her and has requested her. Her attention to details, compassion, and caring nature makes her an amazing caregiver. Lisa goes above and beyond in her work with every client and all of her clients feel extremely lucky to have such an all-around great friend and caregiver. Lisa is the epitome of an amazing caregiver and her passion and dedication to the job is unmatched.

On one of Lisa’s off days, her client was expecting a visit from a new aide. The client wasn’t answering the door, so our office staff called Lisa to see if she’d ever had this issue before. Lisa mentioned that she was around and offered to stop in and make sure everything was alright. Even though she wasn’t scheduled or on the clock, Lisa took time out of her day to check in with her client. The new aide had been there for a while and decided to go home as the client was not answering, however, Lisa stayed out of concern for the client and called around to get the client’s landlord to open the door. When she got into her client’s apartment, the client was on the ground.

​Lisa immediately called 911 for help and provided the client with comfort while she was immobile and in pain. Her client had fell in the middle of the night and was extremely bruised and in need of help. If Lisa had not stopped in that day out of the compassion in her heart and concern for her client, her client would have been dead. She stayed with the client until the ambulance arrived and even took more time out of her day to tidy up the client’s place so that she would return to a clean space. Lisa truly does care so deeply for all of her clients and is always there to provide the best care possible.

One of the main qualities that Lisa possesses that makes her stand out as an exceptional caregiver is her down-to-earth nature which makes her easy to talk to. She always makes everyone feel very comfortable and welcome. Lisa’s outgoing nature makes her a great friend and caregiver to have – there is never a dull moment when chatting with her! Additionally, Lisa is very persistent and doesn’t give up when she thinks something is important. She is an advocate for herself, her clients, her peers, and for Golden Horizons. Lisa always makes her voice and others heard!

We are happy to announce her as our 2021 Caregiver of the Year and have also submitted her name on behalf of GHEC to the nationwide Home Care Association of America Caregiver of the Year competition. Congratulations Lisa and thank you for everything you do!

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