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Are you experiencing Autumn Anxiety? + Anxiety Reduction Tips

Are you experiencing Autumn Anxiety? (Yes, it's a real thing!)

Autumn anxiety is an increase in anxiety that some people start feeling during the autumn months, for a number of reasons. These reasons could be any of the following; the start of a new school year, stress and anxiety coming up in anticipation for the holiday reason, regret from not having achieved summer goals, shorter days with less daylight can make you feel less productive.

Common symptoms of autumn anxiety can include:

- low mood & depression

- excessive worrying

- anxiety

- irritability

- sleepiness/fatigue

- loss of interest in activities

*if you're experiencing these feelings year-round or even just in the fall, be sure to talk to your doctor*

Autumn anxiety is similar to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is associated with short days and depressive feelings. However, the main difference is the time of year. SAD usually sets in during the winter months.

So, what will help?

You should always seek out professional help from your doctor for anxiety and depression.

In the meantime, try these following ideas to see if it gives you any relief from days when you feel overly anxious.

  1. Try meditation or yoga

  2. Exercise every day for 30 minutes per day - even if it's just a walk

  3. Journal out your feelings to get to the root of your anxiety

  4. Start a new hobby or project

  5. Read a book

  6. Make some tea and do some self care

  7. Listen to calming music

  8. Take a break from screens - make time to put away devices

  9. Take a nap

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