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Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

Stumped on what to get a loved one for the Holidays? We've got you covered! Here, you'll find our 2022 Holiday gift guide, fit for anyone on your list. Make a themed gift basket or just pick a couple of items from the following categories to gift something that they'll love to use all winter!

1. Think cozy.

  • Blanket

  • Fuzzy socks

  • Slippers

  • Hot Cocoa or tea

  • Mugs

  • Candles

  • Books

2. Think sentimental. *This gift does especially well with older adults or the elderly!

  • A photo album, photo book, or scrapbook

  • Nostalgic vintage items

  • Framed photo of family or friends

  • Custom or personalized gift from Etsy

  • There are many items that can be printed with a photo on them - choose an old photo to bring back memories or a recent one to remember the now!

3. Think practical.

  • Household cleaning supplies - maybe splurge on a nice brand

  • Hand soap & lotion

  • Dish towels or hand towels

  • Body wash

  • Hair care

  • Reusable cleaning cloths (microfiber)

  • Recipient's favorite snacks or drinks

  • Organization supplies

4. Think self-care.

  • Bath bombs or shower steamers

  • Nail polish

  • Face or eye masks

  • Bath robe

  • Essential oil diffuser

  • Sugar scrub

  • PJ set

  • Lotion or body wash

  • Loofah

  • Foot spa

5. For the coffee-lover.

  • Coffee beans or grounds from a favorite coffeeshop

  • Mugs or glassware

  • Organizer for coffee or K-Cups

  • Reusable straws (for iced drinks)

  • Gift card

  • A new coffee maker, espresso machine, or cold brew carafe

  • Coffee flavor syrups

6. For the homebody.

  • Blanket

  • Candles

  • Organization tools

  • Slippers

  • Popcorn popper

  • Wax melter or essential oil diffuser

  • Room spray

  • Tea kettle

  • Loungewear set

  • Netflix gift card

  • Satin pillowcases

7. For the jet-setter.

  • Luggage tags

  • Carry on backpack

  • Reusable travel bottles

  • Airplane pillow

  • Travel jewelry case or pill box

  • Scratch off map - recipient can scratch off all the places they've traveled to

  • Photography book from recipient's favorite destination visited

  • Headphones

8. For the chef or baker

  • Recipe book (bonus if homemade, add your favorite recipes!)

  • Wood cutting board

  • Dutch oven

  • Silicone baking mats

  • Cupcake liners

  • Measuring cups

  • Apron

  • Pot holder

  • Grilling tools

  • Air fryer or instant pot

9. For the book-lover.

  • Book marks

  • "Library" stamp - customized with recipient's name

  • Books!

  • Bookshelf ends

  • A cozy blanket to use when reading

  • A clip-on book light

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