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Beat Spring Allergies with these tips!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Do you struggle with Spring allergies? Grass and tree pollens are increasing with the weather warming up, and it's likely you may be feeling the symptoms. Apart from usual allergy systems. they can also cause of lot of fatigue and even poor concentration and poor sleep if not well-controlled. To find relief from allergies and minimize your pollen exposure, try the tips below.

1. Track the pollen count. A great way to prepare for allergy symptoms and limit exposure is to track pollen counts in the spring and summer months. On days when it's higher, consider keeping windows closed and staying inside. Limiting your time outdoors when the pollen count is high can reduce suffering from symptoms. 2. Wash off pollen when returning inside from being out. Something as simple as taking off your outside clothes as soon as you get in and rinsing off in the shower can be very effective for reducing allergy symptoms! Pollens collect on our bodies throughout the day just from being out, so this is a good way to be proactive and heads-up. 3. Avoid touching your face - eyes, nose, & mouth Pollen accumulates on your whole body when you're outside, including your hands. Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth can be a simple way to reduce the transfer of pollen. 4. Consult your doctor for allergy relief. There are many over the counter options that you can try for allergy relief, including medications, saline rinses, and nasal sprays. However, if these are still not providing a solution to your allergy symptoms, it's wise to consult your doctor or even visit an allergist to figure out exactly what your allergies are to and what the best way to combat them are. Although allergy season may be dreaded by some for its annual symptoms, be sure to still enjoy Spring and all of its beauties by managing your allergies effectively. Tips from Ohio State Insights.

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