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Make the Most of This Summer! Activities for Seniors & Families

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

It’s magnificent to watch the shoreline come alive as it gets warmer. Welcome Summer in with these activities, especially to be enjoyed with your loved ones. We’re sure you will find joy in the beautiful weather and create great memories along the way.

1. Cook a summer meal & eat outside

  • One of the best parts about summer is fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables! If you don’t have your own garden, visit your local farmer’s market to purchase fresh produce. There’s nothing better than a light, summer meal on a hot day. And on days you don’t feel like cooking, Old Saybrook has some delicious stops around town to dine outside or take out. At the end of a summer day, there’s nothing better than relaxing outside with a nice meal.

2. Take a drive along the shoreline

  • It can be nice to take a drive in the sunny weather to look at the beaches and beautiful beach houses on the shoreline! Stop for ice cream or an iced drink while you peruse through the summer scenes. This is a great way to enjoy the summer sights even if you have limited mobility or are sensitive to the heat.

3. Go berry picking

  • Fresh fruit is one of the best parts of the summer. Go strawberry picking to get your own berries! The best day to go berry picking, safety-wise, is overcast, not too humid, preferably in the morning before the day gets hot. Be sure to wear a hat and sun protection.

4. Go swimming

  • Take a trip to a public pool if you don’t have one of your own to get a break from the heat and get a little bit of exercise in. Water-based activities are especially great for seniors as they’re low-impact. Taking a dip at the beach is also a good option but be sure to be extra cautious when swimming in the ocean.

5. Have a beach day

  • Beach days can pose risks, especially to the elderly population, but if executed correctly, they can be memorable, safe, and fun days! If you’re planning a beach day, be sure to hydrate, cover up, and bring sun shading (umbrella or shaded chairs, etc.). It’s also important to be mindful of medications that may cause reactions in sunlight or heat; consult your doctor for advice. Another idea is to visit the beach in the morning or at night when it isn't as crowded and not as hot. This can be a great time to sit and watch the sunrise/set.

6. Take a break from the heat

  • If it’s too hot to be outside, take a break inside with a crossword puzzle or a craft. These can be great ways to keep the mind engaged! Reading a book or magazine is always a nice indoor activity as well.

7. Play a game

  • Board games are a nice way to keep the mind sharp as well as be social if it’s too hot to be outside. If the weather is nice, outdoor games such as cornhole or horseshoes can be a fun way to switch up your activity and get out in the beautiful weather.

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