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Autumn Activities For Seniors And Families

New England in autumn is a special time of the year. With the air cooling down and the leaves starting to change colors, there are a lot of festive seasonal activities that can get you in the mood for fall! We have some great ideas of activities for you, family, clients, and friends this Autumn!

Make a fall treat. There are many delicious flavors that come along with fall. Bake or make your favorite - Apple Cider, Pumpkin bread, Apple crisp, Pumpkin sugar cookies, Pumpkin pie, & Caramel apples (whole apples or apple slices).

  • Get crafty! Paint pumpkins. Painting pumpkins and decorating with craft supplies such as glitter, feathers, or fabric can be a fun twist on carving pumpkins. Do an autumnal coloring page. Buy a new coloring book or print free coloring pages to wind down and get in the mood for fall! Put together baggies for trick-or-treaters. Prep for Halloween by making little baggies for trick-or-treaters – you can put candy and small toys inside! Fun themed bags and toys can be found at dollar stores or places such as Walmart or Target.

  • Enjoy the outdoors : Take a foliage drive with some sweet treats. Pick up some cinnamon apple donuts or another fall treat and take a drive around the shoreline area to look at foliage! In CT, foliage generally peaks in October. Relax in an outdoor area. If you have a deck or porch to enjoy, be sure to bundle up and spend some time relaxing outside. This can be another way to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. Visiting a park and sitting out on a bench for a while can also be a nice idea to change up your scenery and get outside for a bit. Visit a pumpkin patch or a cider mill. These are lovely days trip for autumn! Many pumpkin patches and cider mills also sell seasonal treats such as apple cider donuts and pumpkin bread.

  • Cozy up inside : Relax. Autumn can be a busy season for many. Take a load off! Enjoy a fall beverage, bundle up, and get cozy. Do an autumnal puzzle or crossword/word search. Not only will it help to keep your mind sharp, but it will also get you into the season! Watch a fall movie or a show that reminds you of fall. Our favorites are Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, The Blind Side, and Little Women.

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