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Safe at Home: Tips for Preventing Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

When we think of Home, there is a feeling of safety and comfort associated with it. However, the home can be a dangerous place, especially for older adults, if it's not properly optimized for safety. There is a lot you can do to upgrade your safety at home. We're going through our top tips on maximizing home safety.


  • Use non-slip strips on the floor and a non-slip mat in the tub/shower

  • Use a raised toilet seat

  • Install grab bars for the toilet, shower, and tub

  • Place seating in the shower (shower bench or shower chair)

  • Set the water temperature below 120 degrees to prevent scalding

  • Remove excess clutter or trip hazards


  • Place a lamp close to the bed where its easy to reach

  • Ensure ample lighting, especially for the pathway from the bedroom to the bathroom

  • Place seating in the room for dressing

  • Consider installing a bed rail or placing a secured, padded mat on the floor in case of a fall getting in/out of bed

  • Use nightlights

  • Consider installing a telephone in the bedroom in case of emergencies

Living Room

  • Remove clutter, electrical cords, and throw rugs from the floor

  • Arrange furniture in a way that allows free movement


  • Ensure lighting and light switches at the top and bottom of stairs

  • Keep objects such as papers, shoes, or books off of the stairs

  • Install handrails on both sides of the stairs

  • Mark the edge of each step with bright tape to increase visibility

  • Fix loose handrails or put in new ones

  • Make sure carpet is attached firmly to each step, or remove it and attach non-slip rubber treads to the stairs


  • Remove tripping hazards like extension cords, clutter, and small furniture

  • Install proper lighting

  • Remove throw rugs and any furniture that needs to be walked around


  • Keep things that are used often on lower kitchen shelves

  • If you use a step stool, use one that is sturdy. Do not stand on furniture

  • Use appliances with an auto shut-off timer

  • Keep cleaning and laundry products secured and out of sight (for people living with dementia or memory issues)

  • Clean up spills immediately

  • Install smoke alarms/change the batteries every year

Other Miscellaneous safety info:

  • Use at least one smoke detector on each floor of your home.

  • Use extra caution around kitchen range or space heaters. Avoid curtains, loose fitting clothes or any other material which could catch fire.

  • Store medicines in containers that they came in. Dispose of outdated medications. Store medicines out of reach of children. Make sure medications are taken when you are fully awake and in well-lit surroundings.

  • Place all electrical cords out of flow of traffic.

  • Replace frayed or cracked cords.

  • Do not run cords under carpet or furniture.

  • Use extension cords which have sufficient amps or wattage rating.

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