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September is Fall Prevention Month: 25 Tips for Slip, Trip, Fall Safety

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Whether you have in-home care present or otherwise, slips, trips, and falls can be one of the most common injuries, especially for elderly people. Caregivers, clients, and family members can all be at risk if a home is not optimized for reducing slips, trips, and falls.

One of the goals of Golden Horizons is to support our client’s in helping them remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

Read our 25 tips to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

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What Are ADLs and Why Are They Important?


When you or a loved one is thinking about receiving additional care, there are many factors that go into it. One of the first steps in needing extra help is assessing what areas may need extra attention. An indicator as to what type of care may be needed is looking into how much assistance is needed for a person to perform their ADLs.

Congratulations to Lisa S. 2021 GHEC Caregiver of the Year!


Lisa S. is our 2021 Golden Horizons Caregiver of the Year because she is an exceptional caregiver and employee. For the entire time that we have had the pleasure of having Lisa on staff, every client we’ve ever put her on has loved her and has requested her. Her attention to details, compassion, and caring nature makes her an amazing caregiver. Lisa goes above and beyond in her work with every client and all of her clients feel extremely lucky to have such an all-around great friend and caregiver. Lisa is the epitome of an amazing caregiver and her passion and dedication to the job is unmatched.

How To Help Someone With Dementia Cope With a Death


Article via Today's Caregiver, Written by Lisa Pahl, LCSW

After being off work for a period of time, I returned to find that one of my longer term hospice patients had died. I had spent a lot of hours with this patient, her spouse, children and hired caregivers over the course of her time on hospice. I reached out to the family to arrange a bereavement visit for support. 

Summer Activities For Seniors And Families


Looking for a fun summer activity for your family or an elderly loved one? There are many things that we look forward to incorporating into our summer's every year. Make this summer memorable and try out these activities!